What to Expect

When Visiting Us

Feel free to use the "Visitor" spaces along the row of the parking lot nearest the building.  We saved those spots for you!

Come on in the main Sanctuary entrance so our Ushers can greet you!  They will be glad to help you find your way around.

Enjoy the gift bag - there might be something nice inside!

We promise NOT to call you out, make you stand up and introduce yourself, or otherwise embarrass you.  Chances are, some nice people will stop by to welcome you, though!

Be sure to let the Ushers or pastor know if you experience anything that is uncomfortable or confusing.  We are here to help!

You are not expected to put anything in the offering plate, unless the Lord leads you to do so.

Just be yourself!


Handicap parking is available.

There is a ground level entrance to the Sanctuary on the Morning View Heights side of the building.  

An elevator services all three floors of the building.

All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.  

Our Volunteers and Staff will be glad to help you in any way possible!

Finding Your Way Around

The Ushers will be very glad to help you find your way around. Don't be afraid to ask! We have also created a map of our facility to help you locate specific areas and rooms. We call it "The Wayfinder."

Click on the icon for a map of our campus

This handy feature will tell you where to find bathrooms, the Nursery, exits, classrooms, offices, and more.