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19, 2-16


WHY GO TO CHURCH?     13 x

[the continuing story]

“Now, you wait jes’ one minute.  I have not and I do not want you to make any appointments for me to talk with yer’ preacher about anything.  I’ve told you all along during these bunches of chats we have had – I don’t want anything to do with a church. I’m afraid of them and most of the people in the churches.   I’m glad my wife and kids are in the church, if that’s what they really want – Me?  I’m out!!   Excuse me, I gotta’ go to work.”


“May God with you.  I saw you roll off the yard in that beautifully polished high powered tractor trailer rig.  As you roll down the interstate I want you to be safe, but don’t ever forget we love you just as your wife and children love you and pray for your safe return.”


“Hey! - - - - - - - - - - “Notice that pickup truck in front of you, how he is swerving, partially in both lanes of the highway!


- - - - - - - -Look, he just hit a car in the rear! - - - - -   both in a snarl of tangled metal! – - - - - -


Can you stop?” -  - - - - - - - 


“The highway patrol officer reported the driver of the pickup was killed on scene.  Driver of car was severely injured and was airlifted to the hospital. The driver of the tractor trailer, had apparently swerved to miss the truck and car, jackknifing the rig before it overturned in an opposite lane of the interstate.  The driver was carried by ambulance to a local hospital, injuries unknown.  Investigation is ongoing.”

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We could talk about visitors – Visitors from space; Visitors from Congress, why? [some could show lookin’ for votes maybe]; Visitors you haven’t seen [er’ maybe you thought them dead; Visitor of a rich aunt or uncle [watch your p’s & q’s]; Visitors at church [be careful, maybe they haven’t been there in so long you mistook as visitors];   You had better swallow your pride and walk across the isle and say howdy.  Shake their hand and bid them ‘Welcome’- even if you have to add - ‘Glad to see you again.’

Most of the time, even when you are wrong, their gracious smile and maybe a ‘Thank You’ will still the

questionable situation.  Who knows you may have been correct in your uncertain mind and they were actually a bonified first time visitor.  You possibly have made a friend and that Visitor will remember you and First Baptist as an amazing and friendly church.  Congratulations they may return next Sunday!

We who are moving along in years [not all but some] do have memory problems.  We are not saying those ‘older-ones’ are ready to be committed, but they just seem to have that spur of the moment ‘name recognition deficiency.’ I was just thinking maybe not a real problem – let us refer to such as a ‘recall inability.’ That too didn’t sound as a very complementary statement.  Most of my readers are now aware of what is really a problem for some folk.  Example: You know that person, you associate each Sunday with that person, you know that person’s name as well as your own, you have to introduce that person and/or refer to that person, by name, to another, and -  oops, Recall Inability.’ Hurts doesn’t it?  Watching television and an actor/actress we have known for years, and – more recall inability.  Don’t worry it will come to you after a while.  Between you and the wife, it will ‘hit’ after a while.

I would imagine we should now consider that we have ‘beat-this-subject-to-death.’  On the other hand, maybe not.  Let’s check on www.fbchillsville.org.

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Sunday, the 17th and we see on the cover of our church bulletin announcing Jeremiah’s word from the Lord, ‘’I have loved you with an everlasting love!”    He is speaking of a loving kindness and being drawn

to the Lord.  One could look into the depth of the Lord’s words and realize “that’s what we need at FBC.”

9:45am Sunday School Bible study classes are in session, those needing prayers cited.  11am our Worship Service, Dr Childs to bring a message {He didn’t give title].  The chancel choir presents the music title “When I Look into Your Holiness.” The entire service will be streamed live on the internet.

A copy of the special music and sermon will be available on DVD at public request.

Birthdays during week of 17-23 Feb: Greg Gibson, Jim Bazzle, Betty Williams, Connie Mina, & Linda Fariss.

Monday 18th, Rock Solid Youth meet at 5:30pm; Tuesday 19th Building & Grounds at 6:30pm.  On to mid- week,  6pm Kids Rock meal and Chancel Choir rehearsal, Bible Study in Chapter 3, Book of Daniel; A 

much needed organization the Sew Journers meet 9:30 to 11:30am needing volunteer held, with Church Council meet of committee chairs at 7pm on the 21st.  Activities calendar is quiet rest of the week.   Don’t forget bring lots of tooth brushes for Judy’s Children’s Project.  A request for those with computers, check out the FBC web site and look over the FBC Weekly News Blog – let Bob Wright know your thoughts.

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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?”  Heaven or Hell - your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven?  Your choice!  You do

want to go to Heaven, don’t you?

Repent of your sins.  Ask Him for forgiveness.  Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice – Tell us about your decision.  We will pray with and for you!

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