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19, 5-18



The airliner heard over head, a thought occurs, “Boy, that must be a great life, to fly – I’ll do it some day!

One Sunday after church dad drove to a grassy field not too far from home.   There were a bunch of people there watching these two little yellow airplanes taking off and landing.  Wonderful afternoon.

Time changes.  Our nation is at war with the Nazi’s.  Men and women going to war.  Students graduating and joining the services to serve our land.  My chance.  I entered the military to fly but the program’s changed and I missed the opportunity.  WWII is fought and peace is again upon the land.  Men and women return to and again begin training for future livelihood.  My opportunity.   Civilian flight school and flight training.  Night classes went well in the required training for flight school.  This was all paid for in the ‘G.I. Bill’ program sponsored by our Government.  Employed full time in the civilian world.  I am still in the Air Force Reserves because of enlistment prior to release from active duty.  Still taking flight training at ever opportunity.  Solo flight; Private Pilot’s License; Commercial Pilot’s License; followed by earning a Commercial Flight Instructors rating to credit.  Teaching others the wonderful experience of flying.

Flying with a buddy in two twin wing Steerman – both craft belonged to our employer – we were careful flying formation, almost tip of the wings, touching at times.  [those foolish days of youth].  Flying in and around the mountains of West Virginia, at low altitude, for timber specialist ‘spotting timber’ for his company.  Taking a automobile builder specialist to a plant in East Tennessee, running info ‘foul and falling’ weather on the way home. Dodging the mountains, flying the valleys home. [considered dumb, however familiarity with aircraft and terrain, we made it!]  Flying as a check pilot with another pilot flying under the hood [he can’t see but the Check pilot can see].  This was a wild ride for the check pilot as the one ‘under-hood’ put that aircraft through some tortuous flight gyrations.  I’m sitting there enduring and being sure he stays air born – safely!

That is enough of ‘time reminiscing.’  Let’s take-a-look at something in the now

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MSunday, 19 May was an interesting day.   Celebration of graduation day.  One High School graduate, Kyle Nester, Randy Webb earned his doctorate in agriculture as his son was graduating from college with an associate degree in agriculture.  Other high points, Dr Childs our pastor gained his 85th year today as the congregation sang a Birth-Day greeting to this remarkable man of ‘the cloth.’  Our sanctuary choir presented a beautifully arranged “Melody of Love Medley” prior to Dr Chiles message “3 Part Resurrection Gifts.” His text taken from Matthew 28:18-20.  To be perfectly frank, it was a great day tpo have been in the Lord’s House.   Attendance was quite good!

Monday, 5-30PM Rock Solid meet with their leader and the deacon’s May meeting at 7pm.  On to Tuesday when the Building and Ground’s committee meet at 6:30pm.  The usual mid-week happenings with the gathering of our many Kids Rock youngsters meet for a meal and training as the Chancel Choir begin their weekly rehearsal at 6pm. 7pm the ‘The ram and rough vision’ a vision appearing to Daniel as FBC bible study continues in the 8th chapter, Book of Daniel.

That places a wrap on the 3rd week of May as we get ready for the arrival of our new pastor Rev Ryan Mills and his family as he begins his pastorage for FBC. An old fashion Pounding is planned for him.  We hope he has acquired area housing for his family because I am sure the Pounding will be plentiful.

Monday the 27th is Memorial Day, a lot will  be happening in our town.

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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?”  Heaven or Hell, your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven?  Your choice!  You do

want to go to Heaven, don’t you?

Repent of your sins.  Ask Him for forgiveness.  Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice – Tell us about your decision.  We will pray with and for you!

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