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18, 11-10


I am here – but I wonder if this is the right time.  I started my usual Friday or Saturday weekly blog which is on behalf of FBC.  Started yes.  I was called to dinner.  I jumped up from the computer, forgetting to do that all Important ‘save.’   You guessed it – came back accidently touched a wrong key – it’s gone.  The article I had started began with I was tactfully lamenting that I really had drawn a blank for this week.  Here it was Sunday evening and late.   I really had nothing that had reared its ‘subject head.’

I could tell my readers that I was in the process of training a couple of middle school students who had volunteered to operate our outstanding video camera.  Mounting and attaching cables is rather simple.  The difficult part is learning and executing proper movements of the camera.  The camera operator must acquire an excellent image to provide the computer guru for streaming of Sunday Worship Service.

Speaking of volunteering – That is a subject I could rattle-on about for a spell herein.  But I’ll leave it alone until I really get the urge expound on the subject.

I will tell our readers that the Pastor Search Committee is hopefully about ready to possibly give a message to the FBC deacons.  They have arrived at the names of two possible candidates.  One will be in a face-to-face interview this week.

I received some interesting news from our computer guru.  We received the face book report that the internet viewers of Sunday Service streaming has been increasing.   Streaming this past Wednesday of a funeral service was a first for us.  Shumate relatives had requested the filmed streaming.  Report of 133 internet viewers of the internet stream 

In the momentary absences of other FBC activities to report I’ll close the blog, now!

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 Since it is now Sunday evening and my FBC  Weekly News is late in being posted.  Looking at Sunday:

9:45am Bible Study classes were in session this morning.  Dr Childs brought a great message of challenge to those present “What Should We Do Outside the Church?”  Text was from the book of Acts 11:19-26.

There was a recognition of Veterans during the service.   There were 75 attending worship service and I noticed at least two visitors.  Note: the were graciously  greeted 

For the rest of the week:  Monday evening the Rock Solid Youth being in for worship and training at 5:30pm.  Tuesday morning at 10am the Visitation Team will meet prior to going on visits.  5:30PM the Budget meeting. We are looking at midweek with the children of Kids Rock will be in at 6pm for a brief meal before training, the choir will assemble for practice.  November Business meeting will be at 7pm.

Thursday, 7pm chair persons of varied committees of Church Council will meet, report and plan for the future.  That wraps this week.
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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?”  Heaven or Hell, your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven?  Your choice!

Repent of your sins.  Ask Him for forgiveness.  Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice - See you there!  -  We are FBC! - Tell us about it!

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