FBC Weekly News

18, 10-8



I guess that is the next major happening as far as the kids are concerned.  This year at FBC it is going to happen on the last day of the month.  October 31st starting at about 5:30pm. You will find a bunch of cars with their trunk lids raised and someone offering a reasonable amount of Halloween candies for your picking. Remember FBC is at 1401 North Main street in town.  We will also have something planned in our church basement.  See ‘ya on Tuesday, 31st of October.

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I’m glad you asked.  This being the first full week of October, It appears to be rather busy.  It is Sunday and the observance of the Lord’s Supper will be observed at the conclusion of 11am worship services.

Beginning this day is Bible study in our varied Sunday School classed at 9:45am.  The video streaming of worship at 11am featuring special music by the Chancel Choir followed by a message by the pastor Dr Lawrence Childs, “Who Are We?”, asking the question what our next pastor needs to understand.  There will be more of this same question in the month ahead.

This evening at 6:30pm, members will attend a Church Town Hall meeting.  These sessions started back in August and have grown in attendance and interest. Monday, October 8th, we have scheduled Annie Armstrong meeting at 4:15pm; the Solid Rock Youth meeting at 5:30pm and the ladies of the Joanna mission group at 6:30pmMoving on to Tuesday the Budget meeting at 5:30pm and then onto Wednesday. for choir rehearsal at 6pm followed the church business meeting at 7Ppm.   Thursday 6pm Cemetery meeting.

That’s it until next Sunday, we will be back with more FBC updates.

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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?”  Heaven or Hell, your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven?  Your choice!

Repent of your sins.  Ask Him for forgiveness.  Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice - See you there!  -  We are FBC! - Tell us about it!

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