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19, 9-14



It is a very good question. Do you have an answer? Expoud on the question. Any mental rumblings? All quiet? Question posed, we need to get into the question. As I write, I am tempted to look into the future of mine, your’s and the life of our church.

Mine – I have dropped the responsibility of using our FBC camera to ‘shoot’ Sunday services, from whence comes a finished dvd of music and the pastor’s sermon for our files and future distribution to those desiring. A dvd can now be accquired of the entire Sunday service but waiting is required due to reproduction of dvd from a computer file. I will continue to write and produce appropriate news articles for FBC sent to at least 2 newspapers on a weekly basis. Also, placing timely news inserts onto a local cable transmission site for FBC on a weekly time frame.. As far as having public service announcements [psa] broadcast on radio stations, there are four local stations carrying these psa ‘one-liner’ inserts. I continue to request items of church interest to be presented to the Public Affairs office for consideration for publication. Keep me informed. It is a great pleasure to serve in this capacity.

Your’s – [first let me say, “I did not utalize the ‘Mine’ portion of this blog as a show-off or braggart.”] You are here each Sunday and for some, many days between. You – volunteer, teach, visit, give of your resource, write, sew, mend, pray, listen, and participate in ways I can’t seem to point-to. Attending church, some say ‘why?’ but just being here is a mark of distinction. You might call it a ‘feather-in- your-cap.’ You know we are here to give strength to the mission God placed on our hearts when we accepted His Son as our Savior. You are setting an example as we all work to fulfill that ‘mission’and seek to win those who need to be here in ‘His Church’!

We sited ‘the life of our church’ at the beginning of this blog. You, I, and our family members are exactly what you have been reading about in the previous twenty, now this the twenty-first line of the FBC Weekly News Blog. God said Go, we believe that’s what we should do!

What’s Next?


Fifteenth of September, time moves on and so should we. Our Pastor Ryan is away so Brother Naff will be conducting Prayer meeting at 9:15am Sunday morn. Sunday School lesson’s and Bible study in varied class rooms, 9:45am. 10:40am [+/-] Dr Fariss begins to warm the computer in preparation for the 11am streaming of the Sunday worshi readinp services. Deacon Sam Sweeney will bring the message “Keeping Your Watch Tower” text is 2d Timothy 3, scripture reading Psalms 1. Later today 5:30 to 6:45pm the beginning of rescheduled ‘Youth Time-FBC.’ Kids Rock and Rock Solid Youth will under guidance of several adult leaders begin this new program. K-5th grade and Youth 6th grade and ab ove will meet for snack food, followed by the religious and inspirational training, fun and fellowship with other youngsters.

Monday - 1pm. Joanna Mission group meeting at the church; Tuesday – 6:30pm Meeting of the Building and Grounds Committee; Wednesday – 6pm Adult choir rehearsal; 7pm Weekly Bible Study led by Ron Privette, in absence of Pastor Randy.

Other items: Don’t forget to provide an item for Judy’s Kids; The Alma Hunt offering for Virginia missions; Food Pantry needs for September. There will be a listing of start dates in the bulletin for the 4 weeks of advertisements for needed church personnel. Reminder: take home of the bulletin.

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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?” Heaven or Hell, your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven? Your choice! You do

want to go to Heaven, don’t you?

Repent of your sins. Ask Him for forgiveness. Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice – Tell us about your decision. We will pray with and for you!

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