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FBC Church Leaders

The Backbone and Strength of Our Church


The paid staff and our volunteers create an atmosphere of welcome and praise.

We welcome new comers to the Church and invite you to become one of our volunteers.

We have a home for you at FBC.

Dr. Lawrence Childs, Interim Pastor

Dr. Lawrence Childs


Danielle Goad

Danielle Goad
Children & Youth Minister

Along with our volunteer staff welcomes area youth to come, learn and enjoy.


Norma Ring, Administrative Assistant

Norma Ring
Administrative Assistant

Norma Ring has been our Administrative Assistant since August 2015. Norma has a long history of working in an office setting and is always ready to serve with a helpful spirit.

Got a Question?

Give her a call at (276) 728-7801 or email

John 3:16

Volunteer Church Servants

(Serving through year in parentheses)

Deacon Team

Ron Privett, Judy Thompson, Betty Williams (2018)
Sam Sweeney, Steve Williams, Pat Sharp and Bill Smyer (2020)


Tom Tabor, Greg Yonce

Church Officers

Business Moderator - Steve Williams
Clerk - Betty Williams
Assistant Clerk - Lynn Davies
Historian - Shernell McGrady
Librarian - Kelli Adams
Treasurer - Polly Sturgill
Assistant Treasurer - Glenda Gardner

Ministry Leaders

Discipleship Training Director – Vacant
Interim Music Director – Vacant
Interim Minister to Children and Youth - Danielle Goad
Lead Ushers - Harold Cox, Mark Ogle, Pat Sharp
Public Relations Coordinator - Bob Wright
Street Sign Coordinator – Vickie Dalton
VBS Director – Cathy Sweeney

Committees / Service Teams

Adult Fellowship

Greg Gibson, Tonyia Gibson (2018)
Bill Smyer, Lynn Davies (2019)
Mike Fariss (2020)
Martha Austin (2020)


Dan & Judy Huff (2018)
Tammy and Danny Webb (2019)
Vickie and Michel Dalton (2020)


Mebus Musser (2018)
Lynn Ogle (2020)


Shernell McGrady (2018)
Rex Hancock, Dan Huff (2019)
Mike Fariss, Bill Smyer (2020).

Building & Grounds

Greg Gibson (2018)
Gene Musser (2018)
Judy Thompson (2018)
Mark Ogle (2019)
Sam Sweeney (2020)
Donna Kaye McIver (2020)
Michael & Mason Dalton (2020)


Michael Dalton, Mike Fariss, J. Hancock, D. Huff, Danny & Tammy Webb, Steve Williams


Kelli Adams, Bill Smyer (2018)


Howard Sturgill, Laura Goad (2018)
Joann Hancock, Cathy Sweeney (2019)
Lynn Ogle, Danielle Goad (2020)

Kitchen Committee

Gracie Edmonds (2018)
Polly Sturgill (2019)
Mebus Musser (2020)

Lord’s Supper

Gracie Edmonds, Elizabeth Yon, 
Wayne & Lottie Gullion, Jeff & Shannon Rutig (2020)

Media & Technology

Mike Fariss, Steve Williams, Bob Wright, Greg Yonce


Bill Smyer, Danielle Goad (2018)
Vickie Dalton, Tammy Webb (2019)


Kelli Adams (2018)
Tammy Webb (2019)
Vickie Dalton (2020)


Michael Fariss (2018)
Greg Yonce (2019)
Vacant 1 (2019)
Jeff Rutig (2020)


Bill Smyer (2018)
Cathy Sweeney (2019)
Laura Goad (2020)


Ronnie Privett (2018)
Pat Sharp (2019)
Vacant (2020)


Harold & Margaret Cox, Carolyn Grigg, Geraldine Slusher

Water booth

Mark Ogle, Danny Webb

Sunday School

Assistant Director - Jeanette Armentrout
Secretary - Merle Goad
Assistant Literature Director - Tonyia Gibson

Pre-School Department

Co-Directors - Vacant
Secretary - Vacant
Babies/Creepers, Toddlers Co-Teachers - Jeff & Shannon Rutig
Pre-School Substitute - Vacant

Children's Department

Co-Directors - Judy Huff & Vacant
Secretary - Vacant
Grades 1-2 Co-Teachers - Greg Gibson & Tonyia Gibson
Grades 1-2 Substitute Teachers - Joanne Edwards
Grades 3-4 Co-Teachers - Michael Dalton & Vickie Dalton
Grades 5-6 Co-Teachers - Judy Huff, Joyce Bowman, Mark Stout
Department Substitute Teachers - Vacant

Youth Department

Co-Directors - Pat Sharp & Danielle Goad
Grades 7-12 Co-Teachers - Pat Sharp & Danielle Goad

Adult Department

Co-Directors - Margaret Cox & Kelli Adams
Secretary - Betty Williams
Assistant Secretary - Gracie Edmonds

Adults #1 Classes

Bible 101 Co-Teachers - Sam Sweeney
Bible 101 Substitute - Ron Privett
Monos & Duos Teacher - James Armentrout
Monos & Duos Assistants - Margaret Cox & Betty Jayne Surratt
The Morning Glories Co-Teachers - Susan Naff & Ann Davis
The Morning Glories Assistant Teacher - Ann Davis
Pairs & Spares Co-Teachers - Becky Adams 

Adults #2 Classes

Ladies Bible Class Co-Teachers - Carolyn Grigg & Elizabeth Yon