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18, 3-10  


One of those things that happens twice each year.  In the spring we loose an hour of use of our time.  March 11th [actually at 2AM during hours of darkness] on the 10th of March, we spring forward for one hour, i.e. lost one hour of sleep.  If you don’t change by moving the clock hands forward before retiring Saturday evening- you are going to find out you missed Sunday School and it is now time to hear Dr Childs’ sermon and your watch is showing 10AM.  Enough said about that - we get that hour back in the fall.  {sounds a bit concussing]

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The organization of a Visitation Team begins with a meeting on Tuesday March 13th.  Time to get out there and bring ‘em in!!  Chapter 10 of the book of Second Samuel will be thoroughly. explained as some of our FBC folk will attend Bible Study.  This week we find that a Ammonite  -Syrian War is waging.  The study begins at 7pm with our leader Sam Sweeney.  Our Rock Solid Youth will be enjoying a night out at the movies on Saturday evening March 17 while the adults get together for Game Night. 6 to 8pm in the Fellowship Hall.   Sunday morning March 18th, the sermon title is “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  The entire service will be streamed on our web site via face book.  Spring begins on Tuesday March 20..th;.  PalmSunday is celebrated on the last Sunday in March and Easter observance will be the first Sunday, April 1st.

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Normally, some time on  Friday or Saturday of each week a posting on the FBC Web Site will appear.  The content is a series of reports of what is happening, or  planned for the near future at the First Baptist Church of Hillsville, Virginia.  True, you may see the same information posted to the varied local news publications and local cable.  Our web site www.fbchillsville.org.  Keeping FBC friends informed about a Place to Call Home.  To Find: Scroll down any of the first 5 pages that appear on our web  site.

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Have you ever given any thought to - “If I die today - what then?”  Heaven or Hell, your choice!

Do you know Jesus gave His life on the cross so you could go to Heaven?  Your choice!

Repent of your sins.  Ask Him for forgiveness.  Accept Jesus as your savior and tell Him.

Great Choice - See you there!  -  We are FBC! - Tell us about it!

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